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champions 2017-18
  EOSSAA Championship Bid Summary
Last Minute Bidding

These championships will be awarded to the first bidder.

Questions about the bidding process should be directed to
Bryan English (englishb@limestone.on.ca) or Sue Cotnam (scotnam@rccdsb.edu.on.ca ).

IDDescriptionCurrent Bidders
2Badminton - Boys / Girls / Mixednone
3Baseball - Opennone
14Golf - Boys / Girlsnone
17Nordic Skiing - Boys / Girlsnone
18Rugby - Boys A/AAnone
19Rugby - Girls A/AAnone
22Soccer - Jr & Sr Boys AAnone
24Soccer - Jr & Sr Girls AAnone
25Swimming - Boys / Girlsnone
26Tennis - Boys / Girls / Mixednone
27Track and Field - Open Co-ednone
28Volleyball - Junior Boys Anone
36Wrestling - Boys / GirlsSt. Joseph's High School (UOVHSAA)

The following championships have been finalized.

IDDescriptionCurrent Bidders
1Alpine Skiing - Boys / GirlsRenfrew Collegiate (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Darren Matthews
e-mail: matthewsd@rcdsb.on.ca

4Basketball - Junior Boys ASt. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School (PRSSAA)
convenor: Greg Light
e-mail: gregory.light@cdsbeo.on.ca

5Basketball - Junior Boys AASt. Joseph Secondary (SD&GAA)
convenor: Jack Chisholm
e-mail: jack.chisholm@cdsbeo.on.ca

6Basketball - Senior Boys ARideau District High School (LGSSAA)
convenor: Lisa Rice
e-mail: lisa.rice@ucdsb.on.ca

7Basketball - Senior Boys AASt Joseph Secondary (SD&GAA)
convenor: Gilles Levac
e-mail: gilles.levac@cdsbeo.on.ca

8Basketball - Junior Girls AOpeongo High School (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Joe Lavoie
e-mail: lavoiej@rcdsb.on.ca

9Basketball - Junior Girls AALa Salle Secondary School (KASSAA)
convenor: Lucas Allen
e-mail: lucas0925@hotmail.com

10Basketball - Senior Girls AOpeongo High School (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Kevin Grady
e-mail: gradyk@rcdsb.on.ca

11Basketball - Senior Girls AALa Salle SS (KASSAA)
convenor: Rom Severino
e-mail: severinor@limestone.on.ca

12Cross Country - Open Co-edSt. Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
convenor: Trent Abbott
e-mail: trent.abbott@cdsbeo.on.ca

13Curling - Boys / Girls / Co-edCarleton Place High School (LCIAA)
convenor: Brent Litle
e-mail: brent.litle@cpcurling.ca

15Ice Hockey - Boys A/AASt. Joseph´┐Żs High School (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Jeff Halk
e-mail: jhalk@rccdsb.edu.on.ca

16Ice Hockey - Girls A/AABishop Smith Catholic High (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Michael David & Sue Cotnam
e-mail: blackcomb10@yahoo.com

20Snowboarding - Boys / GirlsArnprior DHS (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Krista Petrie-Wallace
e-mail: petriewallacek@rcdsb.on.ca

21Soccer - Jr & Sr Boys ASt.Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
convenor: Wes Campeau
e-mail: Wesley.Campeau@cdsbeo.on.ca

23Soccer - Jr & Sr Girls ASt.Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
convenor: Lidia Lefebvre
e-mail: Lidia.Lefebvre@cdsbeo.on.ca

29Volleyball - Junior Boys AAKCVI (KASSAA)
convenor: David Loken
e-mail: lokend@limestone.on.ca

30Volleyball - Senior Boys ASt. Mary CHS (LGSSAA)
convenor: Dennis Hutt
e-mail: dennis.hutt@cdsbeo.on.ca

31Volleyball - Senior Boys AASydenham High School (KASSAA)
convenor: Bryan English
e-mail: englishb@limestone.on.ca

32Volleyball - Junior Girls ASt. Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
convenor: Angus MacDonald
e-mail: angus.macdonald@cdsbeo.on.ca

33Volleyball - Junior Girls AALa Salle SS (KASSAA)
convenor: Andrea Barrow
e-mail: barrowa@limestone.on.ca

34Volleyball - Senior Girls AGranite Ridge Education Centre (KASSAA)
convenor: Ben Moser
e-mail: moserb@limestone.on.ca

35Volleyball - Senior Girls AAFellowes HS (UOVHSAA)
convenor: Rob St.Louis
e-mail: stlouisr@rcdsb.on.ca